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First, the project engineer a person
Salary: by hiring a treatment favorably, the use of basic salary + performance.
Job Requirements: College degree or above, with a mechanical quality assurance work for more than three years of experience, ISO9000, ISO / TS16949 system have a certain understanding of CNC lathes and automatic lathes and secondary processing has extensive experience in quotes, understand process planning, fixture design sample follow up, standard working hours estimated work experience, skilled operation of CNC lathes take effort take the knife machine, mechanical specialty or English four more priority.
Contact: Miss Ren
Tel: 84634579-207
Second, the business manager a person
Job requirements: college graduate, English language, spoken fluently, have metal car parts (CNC machined, automatic lathes and CNC milling machine for car parts), stampings, cold heading parts, dewaxing casting parts and hardware class foreign trade business, there are more than five years of development and management experience, has a separate project development and management experience;
Wage use (2% of sales) basic salary + commission
Contact: Hu
Tel: 84634579-228
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