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Door and window hardware industry development points

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Door and window hardware industry development points

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The competition is becoming increasingly intensified, the vast majority ofenterprises to form a consensus of the win at the starting line. With the development of the new rural and urban construction advancement, the emergence of huge demand gap is the building materials industry, rural become a whole industry finally is the biggest business opportunities. Building materials to the countryside for a time became the hot spot in the industry. Especially the central "file No. one", to support the farmers housing as an important measure to expand domestic demand, to take effective measures to promote the building materials to the countryside, to encourage farmers in accordance with the law and regulations construction occupied housing. Thus, building materials to the countryside road gradually clear, has become the focus of the direction ofbuilding materials industry marketing.

"Put forward building materials to the countryside" policy, let the Home Furnishingbuilding materials enterprises to see the marketing orientation of future, it also brings infinite business opportunities for the. According to the analysis of the relevant personage, building materials to the countryside expected annual canstimulate consumption of about 550000000000 yuan, become the goodopportunity of door and window hardware enterprises to open up the three or four class market of the vast, a watershed is ambitious to have the ideal of door and window hardware enterprises bigger and stronger. Therefore, as the door and window hardware enterprises should be self promotion, strategic height, work out product scheme to conform to the rural market, to create different from a second tier city, marketing mode.

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