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Introduction of integrated temperature transmitter

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Introduction of integrated temperature transmitter

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Sensors and transmitters play a decisive role in the instrument, instrument and automatization. With different sensors, transmitters in addition to the non electrical quantity measurement can be converted into power, the general also has a certain amplification.

Integrated temperature transmitter is generally composed of a temperature measuring probe (thermocouple or RTD sensor) composition and two wire solidelectronic unit. Using solid module form a temperature measuring probe is directly installed in the terminal box, thus forming an integrated transmitter.Integrated temperature transmitter is generally divided into thermal resistanceand thermocouple type two types.

Thermal resistance temperature transmitter is composed of a reference unit, R/Vconversion unit, a linear circuit, reverse connection protection, current limiting protection, V/I conversion unit etc.. Resistance temperature detector signal conversion and amplified, and then the nonlinear relationship betweentemperature and resistance to compensate by linear circuit, V/I conversion circuitby an output and the measured temperature is a linear relation between 4 ~ 20mA constant current signal.

Thermocouple temperature transmitter from the general reference source, the cold end compensation, amplification unit, linear processing, V/I conversion,thermocouple treatment, reverse connection protection, current limitingprotection circuit unit. It is produced by the thermoelectric thermocouple cold endcompensating potential after amplified, then cap is composed of a linear circuit to eliminate the nonlinear error of thermoelectric potential and temperature, the final amplification into 4 ~ 20mA current output signal. In order to prevent thethermocouple measurement due to broken wires and the temperature controlthermocouple failure caused the accident, the transmitter is also provided with apower-off protection circuit. When the thermocouple wire breaking or contact is poor, the transmitter will output the maximum (28mA) to enable the instrument to cut off the power supply. The principle of thermocouple temperature transmitter.

Integrated temperature transmitter has the advantages of simple structure,saving lead, large signal output, strong anti-interference ability, good linearity,display instrument is simple, solid module seismic moistureproof, haveadvantages of reverse connection protection and current limiting protection and reliable work, etc..

The output of integrated temperature transmitter for the unified 4 ~ 20mA signal;can be used matching with the computer system or other conventionalinstrument. Also can be user requirements into explosion-proof type or fire typemeasuring instrument.Car temperature sensor housing

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