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Car temperature sensor shell

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Car temperature sensor shell

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In order to determine the temperature state of the engine, fuel injection controlright, ignition timing, idling speed and exhaust emission, improve the operationperformance of the engine, the engine control module need continuous sensorcan accurately monitor the temperature of the cooling liquid, the inlet gas temperature and exhaust temperature (some models of equipment). Structurally,the temperature sensor with a winding resistance type, thermistor, diffusionresistance type, semiconductor transistor type, metal core type andthermocouple type etc.. Applications are more wire wound resistor and the thermistor temperature sensor. From the aspect of object detection, temperature sensor includes an engine coolant temperature sensor, intake air temperature sensor and the exhaust temperature sensor.

Effect of
 (1) the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) engine coolant temperature sensor is also called the water temperature sensor, which is used todetect the engine coolant temperature, and the temperature signal into electricalsignal is supplied to the engine control module, as gasoline injection, ignition timing, idle speed and exhaust emission control of major correction signal.

The 1 engine coolant temperature sensor
 (2) the intake air temperature sensor(IAT) intake air temperature sensor (IAT) is used to detect the intake temperature, intake air temperature signals and to convert into electric signal is supplied to the engine control module, as gasoline injection, ignition timingcorrection signal.
 (3) exhaust exhaust temperature sensor temperature sensor for detecting the temperature of the exhaust gas recirculation, used to judge theexhaust gas recirculation system work is normal. 
1) windingresistance temperature sensor in the insulating bobbin wound high purity nickel wire, then cover the appropriate coat made, using its resistance valuecharacteristics change with temperature changes and to measure the coolant temperature and air temperature. Its accuracy is within 1%, response characteristics is bad, the response time is about 15s.
 (2) thermal temperature sensor thermistor temperature sensor using the semiconductor is characteristic of resistance varies with temperature, its high sensitivity. NTC (negative thermalcoefficient) and PTC (positive thermal coefficient) two. Response characteristics of thermal sensor than winding resistance type sensor is excellent, so it is widelyused for the detection of engine coolant and air temperature.

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