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The core components of the fiber optic connector

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The core components of the fiber optic connector

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The performance of the fiber optic connector depends mainly on the core components of the ceramic core insert. What is the ceramic inserting core? As the name suggests, the main material for ceramic inserting core is ceramic,however, this is not just a ceramic so simple. In optical fiber communication, the ceramic inserting core is used to be, it is a very important role to guarantee the communication quality. As we all know, optical fiber connection technology is divided into two categories, one category is the permanent connection, often referred to as the fixed joint, die joint; one is a detachable connection, often referred to as the movable joint, require the use of optical fiber connector. In the transmission network, connecting cable between using permanent connection,and the optical fiber connector is mainly used for system equipment, equipment and instrumentation, equipment and optical fiber as well as between optical fiber and optical fiber between non permanent fixed connection, it is the most commonbasic passive device and usage of optical communication system in the largest.Because the ceramic material and quartz fiber thermal matching, stable physical and chemical properties, optical fiber connector to the ceramic inserting core as the core device is also developing very fast. Ceramic ferrule (English Name: ferrule) is the most main function is to achieve physical docking fiber (also known as optical fiber cold connection), often with ceramic casing (English Name: sleeve) with the use of. Ceramic ferrule is ceramic cylindrical tubular, with twozirconia made hard texture, color white and delicate, the finished productprecision can reach sub micron, is most commonly used in optical fiber communication networks, the number of the most precise positioning piece, often used for manufacturing, optocoupler device of optical fiber connector and combination of.
Like the circuit in the plug and socket, plug core and sleeve is a key component of optical fiber connection. Only 0.125 mm in diameter of optical fiber must pass through the ceramic inserting core hole, a straight line transmission state; andthe other end is inserted in the core of ceramic fiber connection from. To directand precise connection, directly affect the transmission efficiency of optical fiber.Therefore, the ceramic inserting core not only have height requirements for inner hole diameter, while external diameter and the concentricity of the more demanding. But because of the need for multiple optical fiber connector plug,after repeated use must maintain the same accuracy unchanged, on the materialdensity requirements are very high. The ceramic inserting core classification and characteristics of the ceramic inserting core according to the dimensions are divided into SC, LC and non standard three categories, according to the differentprecision, and can be divided into single-mode and multimode two. The industryis often referred to as the SC single mode core, SC multimode core insert, LC single mode core, LC multimode mortise, non-standard mortise. Characteristicdepends on the ceramic inserting core to its material two zirconia characteristics,is mainly embodied in the good thermal stability, high hardness, wear resistance,high melting point, high machining precision.

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