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Temperature sensor of automobile profile

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Temperature sensor of automobile profile

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Temperature sensor from the early seventeenth Century, people began to use the temperature measurement. In semiconductor technology support, this century have developed a semiconductor thermocouple sensor, temperature sensor for automobile shell, PN junction temperature sensor and integrated temperature sensor. Correspondingly, according to the law of wave interaction with matter,have developed the acoustic temperature sensor, infrared sensor and microwavesensor.
The temperature sensor is one of the most commonly used in all kinds of varioussensor, temperature sensor the shape of modern is very small, so the more make it widely used in various fields of production practice, but also providesconvenience and functionality of countless for the life of the people.
There are four main types: thermocouple temperature sensor, thermistor,resistance temperature detector (RTD) and IC temperature sensor. IC temperature sensor includes analog output and digital output two types.

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