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Twisted pair in high speed video monitoring system

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Twisted pair in high speed video monitoring system

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  In modern intelligent building weak system, security system has a very important position. In the traditional design and construction, often wiring network cabling and security monitoring be considered separately, since the difference in the use of the media so that people can not unify them well together. But in point of building security monitoring constantly increased, increasing the number of relatively stiff coaxial cabling will take a lot of pipeline resources and great wiring difficulty, and indeed the length of the wiring is too large will cause the image quality decline. Compared with ordinary road, as a special construction of the highway, with a good linear design standards high, heavy traffic, driving speed and other characteristics. However, if not the use of advanced management practices, in bad traffic volume, weather conditions, prone to accidents and traffic jams. To this end, the deployment of the entire monitoring system on some very big freeway traffic is indispensable. These monitoring systems can be implemented to monitor traffic flow and traffic operations, meteorological monitoring of key points, the key sections of the timely implementation of traffic control, timely detection of anomalies and take emergency measures to ensure highway speed, safe and economical operation and management. Axis Detector With the increasing requirements of highway management, fee management, data communications, video surveillance is a modern highway construction has been an essential part. Image monitoring system consists of a network video server to the core, as well as cameras, PTZ, decoders, and other equipment. Camera settings for toll lanes, toll booths, important sections of the mouth, can monitor models, reducing vehicle detection aspects of devices that can monitor the work of the toll. Monitoring software can be charged and the date and time data is displayed on the release of the vehicle superimposed images and video archive, so that can make real-time monitoring or selectively examine suspicious operators realize the toll operations supervision and management of image information, and the ability to cheating on illegal provide credentials. Monitoring software can also display multiple toll lanes, toll booths, important sections of the mouth of the screen, and record the associated multiple images at the same time. But based on the author's many years of business experience wiring, I realized that with the extension of the distance, the traditional coaxial cable wiring protagonist ---- increasingly unable to meet the needs of the construction and applications. Starting point for new cabling technology is the network cabling and security wiring as much as possible onto one unified platform, reducing the difficulty and cost of wiring. In this unshielded wiring technique is widely used in the cable network cabling (for example, category 5 cable) to transmit the image signal, while use of non-shielded cable for the spare line pair is a camera power supply. To implement this technique requires the use of two key devices: twisted pair video transmission devices and remote power supply.Fiber optic connector

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