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Machining PDCA quality management methods

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Machining PDCA quality management methods

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   Hou Machinery Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City plant for over 10 years, strict quality control, strict management of the company to the leadership at the grassroots level are oriented to the quality of life; strive to bring the best quality and dedication to our customers, so we produced the precision machinery parts customers alike, long-term concern, then I will share my company has always pursued quality management PDCA cycle method:
    First, the content is in English PDCA PDCA cycle Plan (Plan), DO (execution), Check (check), the first letter of Action (processing) four English words short, it meant that all the work done, dry everything must go through four stages, eight steps: P (plan) stage work includes four steps
    1) analyze the situation, identify quality problems;
    2) analyze the causes of quality problems;
    3) identify the main problems affecting the quality;
    4) to identify the main reasons for formulating measures plan; D (execution) stage
    5) implementation plan, which according to plan and develop countermeasures to enforce strictly; C (check) stage
    6) Check the results, according to plans drawn up measures to check the progress and effectiveness of the actual implementation, whether the intended purpose; A (treatment) phase
    7) sum up experience, consolidate achievements;
    8) the remaining issues into the next cycle;

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