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What design principles metal stampings are

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What design principles metal stampings are

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     (1) the design of metal stampings and technology must meet product performance, and ease of assembly and repair.
     (2) the design of metal stamping parts must be beneficial to improve the utilization of metallic materials, reducing the variety of materials and specifications, as far as possible to reduce material consumption. In permitting the use of inexpensive materials, parts do not waste as much as possible and less waste blanking.
     (3) designed to be simple shape of metal stamping parts, reasonable structure, in order to help simplify the mold structure, simplify the number of steps, which uses the least, the most simple stamping process to complete the processing of the entire part, then other methods to reduce the processing, and conducive to the stamping operation, easy to organize mechanization and automation of production, in order to improve labor productivity.
     (4) the design of metal stamping parts, to ensure normal usage, try to make the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness grade lower level requirements, and facilitate the exchange of products, reduce waste, ensure product quality and stability.
     (5) design metal stampings, should contribute as much as possible the use of existing equipment, process equipment and process them for processing, and help extend the life of the die.
     Shenzhen, Beijing Tian Precision Co., Ltd twenty years focused on nonstandard car parts, milling, stamping parts production; based on automatic lathes, CNC lathes, milling CNC lathes and machining precision punching production-oriented enterprises; headquarters area of 10,000 square meters, located in the bustling center of Shenzhen Ping Shan District, has been, and get certified by ISO9001 HDBC consulting and ISO / TS16949 certification system in 2014 June, 2012.
    Our main products include: automotive temperature sensors, odometer sensors, oil pressure sensors, temperature sensors, speed sensors, position and speed sensors and other metal shell; automotive tubing fittings, pipe fittings automobile, auto injector parts, automotive airbags electrode ; fiber optic connectors, fiber optic riveting parts, metal antenna RF connectors, RF antenna metal parts, coupling screws, rods resonance; Detector shaft axis printers, photocopiers axis, bar code machine axis, printer paper shaft, small ticket printer shaft core, POSS machine shaft, shaft cash registers, precision micro-motor shaft, motor shaft, precision micro-motor housing; dispenser tube heat conductive pin / conductive column, washing machine heating pipe conductive pin / conductive column, all kinds of electric conductivity Pins / conductive pillar; mold positioning pin; DC plug, DC female, DC terminals, headphone plug, headphone terminal, video plug terminals, audio plugs, audio terminals; non-standard rivet nuts, non-standard embedded copper nut, implants nuts, nut laptop, cell phone nut, inlaid nuts, knurled nuts, nut embedded, hot melt nuts, hot nuts, rivet nuts, plastic nuts, nut notebooks, monitors embedded nuts, adjusting screws, copper sleeve, copper screws, eccentric, precision shaft, hexagonal screws hex nuts, non-standard screws, non-standard nut; worm, worm, turbine, vortex rods, small spur; medical endoscopic probe metal, infusion pumps camshaft and roll guitar strings closed , open-string guitar volume knob ukulele chords, ukulele chord buttons, small Hawaiian guitar chord button, electric guitar pickups, the next foal, capo, boards, panels, nameplates, etc.

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