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Metal processing steps

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Metal processing steps

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     First, all employees before entering the workplace, check your clothing meets the job requirements. Not allowed to wear slippers, high heels and affect safety clothing, long hair must wear a helmet. Work to maintain the correct posture, have enough work to meet the spiritual, physical discomfort such as found necessary to leave work immediately, and to reflect the leadership. Thought must focus operation is prohibited chatting with each other, not the operator in irritability, fatigue of the status of the operation, in order to avoid accidents, ensure safe operation.
     Second, check the sports section before mechanical work is filling the oil, then start and check the clutch, brakes are normal, and run the machine empty for 1-3 minutes, when the non-faulty mechanical operation.
     Third, first turn off the power when changing the mold, punch sports department stopped before starting the installation, commissioning and mold. After installation adjustment is completed, the hand moving flywheel tryout twice, check the upper and lower mold symmetrical, rational and screws are strong, the blank holder is in a reasonable position.
     Fourth, all others must wait after leaving the mechanical work area, and took the bench debris before start the power actuated mechanically.
     Fifth, after the machinery running, transport materials and machinery from one person to operate, others may not be built or press the foot pedal electric switch board, but can not put your hand into mechanical work area or hand touches the moving parts of machinery. Mechanical work, slide your hand into the work area is prohibited, prohibited by hand to take, put the workpiece. Take in the die, you must use the tools compliant artifacts during playback. If found to have abnormal sound mechanical or machine malfunction, you should immediately turn off the power switch to be checked.
     Six, when the work should be off idle power, and fold the finished product, scrap and debris on the job, to ensure clean and safe working environment.
Above metal processing procedures must abide by, not illegal operations, failure, maintenance personnel should be compatible with maintenance, accident immediately cut off the power supply, keep waiting until the Factory scene report processing, all the consequences of violating the rules shall be borne by all parties as a result of.

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