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Niton handheld spectrum analyzer 3T900

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Niton handheld spectrum analyzer 3T900

Device Name: Alloy Analyzer 
Specification: XL3t900S 
Brand: American Niton 
Accuracy: 0.001% 

Our main products include: automotive temperature sensor shell, odometer sensors, oil pressure sensor, temperature sensor, speed sensor, position and speed sensors and other metal shell; automotive tubing fittings, automotive pipe fittings, auto injector parts, automotive airbag electrode; fiber optic connectors, fiber optic riveting parts, RF antenna metal connectors, RF antenna metal parts, screws coupled resonant rod; Detector shaft axis printers, copiers axis, bar code machine axes, bill printer shaft, a small ticket printer shaft, POSS machine shaft, cash registers shaft, precision micro motor shaft, motor shaft, precision micro-motor housing, motor shaft, etc.

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