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Car temperature sensor housing

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Car temperature sensor housing

Automotive temperature sensor shell detailed parameters: 
Custom processing: 
Brand: Jing Tian 
Model: PT100 
Category: Temperature 
Material: Metal 
Physical properties of materials: Conductor 
Material crystal structure: polycrystalline 
Production process: integration 
Output signal: digital type 
Protection class: 1 
Linearity: 1 (% F.S.) 
Hysteresis: 1 (% F.S.) 
Repeatability: 1 (% F.S.) 
Sensitivity: 1 
Drift: 1 
Resolution: 1 

Shenzhen Jing Tian Precision Metal Co., Ltd. is one of CNC lathes, computer lathes, automatic lathes, CNC lathes, milling machines and precision cam speed presses, zinc alloy casting process based enterprises. Our main products include: automotive temperature sensor shell, odometer sensors, oil pressure sensor, temperature sensor, speed sensor, position and speed sensors and other metal shell; automotive tubing fittings, automotive pipe fittings, auto injector parts, automotive airbag electrode; fiber optic connectors, fiber optic riveting parts, RF antenna metal connectors, RF antenna metal parts, screws coupled resonant rod; Detector shaft axis printers, copiers axis, bar code machine axes, bill printer shaft, a small ticket printer shaft, POSS machine shaft, cash registers shaft, precision micro motor shaft, motor shaft, precision micro-motor housing; drinking tube heat conductive pin / conductive column, washing machines heat pipe conductive pin / conductive column, various electric tube conductive pin / conductive column; mold positioning pin; DC plug, DC female, DC terminals, headphone plug, headphone terminals, video plug terminals, audio plugs, audio terminal; non-standard rivet nuts, non-standard embedded copper nuts, buried planting nuts, nut laptop, cell phone nut, inlaid nuts, knurled nut, embedded nuts, melt nuts, hot nuts, rivet nuts, plastic nuts, nut notebooks, monitors embedded nut, adjusting screw, copper sleeve, copper screw , eccentric, precision shaft, hexagonal screws hex nuts, non-standard screws, non-standard nuts; worm, worm, turbine, vortex bar, a small spur; medical endoscopic probe metal parts, infusion pump camshaft and closed string acoustic guitar volume, open-string guitar volume knob ukulele strings, ukulele chord button, a small Hawaiian guitar strings button, electric guitar pickups, under the horse, capo, boards, panels, nameplates, etc. The company has always been to quality first, customer first; people-oriented, honest to consistent business purposes; Jing Tian for you and your company with the most satisfied with the best quality service, let us join hands in creating a better tomorrow!

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