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Machine parts

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Machine parts

Machine parts Details: 
First, the product features: the use of premium quality 100% pure aluminum ingot material, no waste added, supplemented by efficient pure refining, up 70PPi fine filtration filter plates, surface treatment and rich colors, bright color, you ROHS environmentally friendly materials and high-end products quality requirements of the first material. 
Second, the surface treatment: various surface treatments (brushed sandblasting polishing plating color electrophoretic coating oxide oxidation, etc.) 
Third, the material and the state: AA6063 AA6463 AA6005 AA6082 Status: O T1 T3 T4 T5 T6 
Fourth, the assembly performance: excellent 
Fifth, the implementation of standards: 
    Japanese (JIS H4100 aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profiles) 
    China (GBT 6892-2006: general industrial aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profiles GBT_14846-2008: aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded profiles size deviation) 
Six, product quality: 
    A 100% pure aluminum ingots raw materials, combined pure refining efficiency, up to 70PPi fine filtration filter plates meet RoHS standards and high-quality products; 
    2 fully meet the alloy chemical composition and mechanical properties of the table specified index 
    3 fully compliant with JIS H 4040/4080/4100 standards. 
Seven, nature of the product: customized products

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