ABS sensor housing parts and temperature sensor metal housing drawing processing

The ABS sensor housing part is a kind of stainless steel drawing part. It is necessary for us to analyze the drawing process in order to be helpful to the users.

When the punch of the ABS sensor housing is pressed down, the blank is pulled into the die, and the circular blank becomes three parts from bottom to top: the bottom part of the cylinder, the wall part and the flange part. During the pressing process of the punch, the bottom part of the cylinder is basically unchanged, the material of the flange part is gradually transformed into the cylinder wall, the cylinder wall part is gradually increased, and the flange part is gradually reduced. It can be seen that during the stretching process of the blank, the deformation is mainly concentrated on the flange part on the die surface. The essence of the stretching process is the process of gradually transforming the flange part into the cylinder wall. The flange part of the metal is the deformation zone, and the bottom and the formed cylinder wall are the force transmission zone.

The metal housing of the temperature sensor can improve the protection level of the sensor and prevent water, oil, dust, debris and other substances from affecting the performance and service life of the sensor. At the same time, it also has the function of anti-shock, which prevents damage to the sensor when the sensor is slightly impacted by external force.

Generally speaking, more sensors use metal casings, and less use pure plastic casings. The metal shell has a good anti-impact effect, and also has an excellent anti-interference effect to prevent external electromagnetic interference from affecting the measurement. Sensor stamping parts can also be silver-plated, gold-plated, nickel-plated, etc. according to customer needs.


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