Kingteam Precision Hardware's VVT (Variable Timing Valve System) Valve Sleeve for Automobile Engines

The importance of cars to a family is very high. We often hear a sentence that makes our ears callous: buy a house and buy a car. To form a family with a car and a house is a bit material at first glance, and it will make many of us young people who have a vision for the future have a sense of difference in life. 



But the car is indeed a necessity for a family. The popularization of private cars facilitates the lives of car owners at the individual level, and at the same time increases the radius of activity of car owners. At the macro level, the development of suburbs, the rise of the suburban resort industry, and the establishment of central shopping malls are the foundations, that is to say, it is a part of modern society.


As the crystallization of human industrial civilization, automobiles can be said to have entered thousands of households. So, let's discuss how many parts a car consists of. For many car fans, this is a very interesting and worthy of discussion.




How many parts does the car have? In fact, this question does not have a very precise standard answer. Because of different types of cars, the number of parts on the vehicle is also completely different. It is estimated that a typical car is assembled from more than 10,000 independent parts that cannot be dismantled. Special cars with extremely complex structures, such as F1 racing cars, can have as many as 20,000 independent parts.




Shenzhen Kingteam Precision Technology Co., Ltd. provides a lot of precision hardware for the heart of the car and the engine! Before we introduced Kingteam Precision Hardware's automobile engine intake valve control shaft, today we introduce another precision hardware on automobile engine: VVT (Variable Timing Valve System) valve sleeve.




The valve sleeve of the VVT engine control valve, it is a hollow tube kit, including the front bayonet and the end bayonet of the two heads, and the oil inlet cavity in the middle longitudinally penetrating the outer wall of the hollow tube, the delayed oil outlet cavity and the early oil outlet cavity. The oil inlet cavity is located between the delayed oil outlet cavity and the early oil outlet cavity. The valve sleeve of the control valve adopts multiple oil inlet and outlet cavities, and the oil inlet cavity is designed to be slightly larger than the inner diameter of the lagging oil cavity on both sides and the oil outlet cavity in advance, which can make the camshaft no matter whether it is from the advance direction or the lagging direction. Rotation in the direction can achieve the purpose of sufficient air intake and clean exhaust.




The production process of this VVT valve sleeve produced by Kingteam Precision mainly includes CNC turning/processing and CNC milling, grinding, precision tolerances on the inner and outer diameter of the hole, and high surface roughness requirements are very high! 



CNC turning or machining and CNC milling are mainly used for cutting inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disc parts, inner and outer conical surfaces of any cone angle, complex rotating inner and outer curved surfaces, cylindrical and conical threads, etc., and can perform grooving and drilling. Hole, reaming, reaming and boring, etc.




The material used for this VVT valve sleeve produced by Kingteam Precision is AL6061. 6061-T651 is the main alloy of 6061 aluminum alloy. It has excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and processing. After no deformation, compact material without defects, easy to polish, easy to color film, excellent oxidation effect and other excellent characteristics. Typical applications of 6061 include aerospace fixtures, electrical fixtures, communications, and are also widely used in automated mechanical parts, precision machining, mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instruments, SMT, PC board solder carriers, and so on.




The surface treatment of this VVT valve sleeve produced by Kingteam Precision is anodized and cleaned. In order to overcome the defects of aluminum alloy surface hardness, wear resistance, etc., expand the scope of application, and extend the service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part of the use of aluminum alloy, and anodizing technology is the most widely used and most successful .



The biggest function of the car is to expand the radius of people's daily life and accelerate the transportation of goods. Improve the quality of life, make vacation travel more convenient, and at the same time, exhaust emissions also cause pollution. Kingteam Precision Hardware's VVT (Variable Timing Valve System) valve sleeve for automobile engines allows more adequate intake and cleaner exhaust, creating a more healthy and environmentally friendly green life for you!