The main body of the electronic cigarette of Kingteam Precision Hardware

An electronic cigarette is actually an electronic atomizer, which is mainly composed of an electronic atomizer and e-liquid containing nicotine liquid. Its working principle is to convert the e-liquid containing nicotine liquid into mist, giving users a feeling similar to smoking.


Although e-cigarettes do not have as many harmful substances as traditional cigarettes, they also contain a small amount of nicotine in the e-cigarette, so e-cigarettes are not completely harmless. E-cigarettes can reduce the harm by 95% compared with traditional tobacco. If smokers with greater addiction replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes, the harm to the body will be much reduced.


On December 2, 2021, China Tobacco's official website issued a notice of "Public Soliciting of Opinions on the "Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes (Draft for Comment)". It clearly states that e-cigarettes include cartridges, smoking accessories, and products sold in combination with cartridges and smoking accessories, and do not include heated cigarettes that have been included in cigarette management. That is to say, not only the cartridges, but also the smoking utensils are included in the management of cigarettes.


In this regard, the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions on Mandatory Electronic Cigarette National Standards" has the following technical requirements for e-cigarettes:

E-cigarettes and cartridges that use e-cigarette liquid should have a closed structure to prevent artificial filling; e-cigarettes and cartridges that use e-cigarette liquid should have good airtightness and should not leak; start to protect e-cigarettes Smoking appliances should have the function of preventing child start and the protection function of preventing accidental start; the temperature of the atomization area 3GB XXXXX—XXXX4 should not exceed 350℃. The waterproof should meet the IPX4 protection level requirements in Chapter 6 of GB/T 4208-2017. Pressure Relief Safety When the internal pressure of the electronic cigarette is caused by battery failure, the pressure relief direction should be opposite to the suction direction, and the suction nozzle should not be damaged or displaced. The electronic cigarette should not catch fire or explode after being dropped.


That is, the country has higher and more refined requirements for e-cigarettes. The main body of the electronic cigarette is one of the many products of Kingteam Precision Hardware. Shenzhen Kingteam Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of metal precision parts, CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, automatic lathes and other products, as well as the development and production of production automation equipment.


The company has more than 20 years of experience in non-standard car parts, milling parts production, mold equipment development and production automation; it has nearly 300 advanced Japanese and Taiwan imported production equipment and various high-end precision testing equipment, and has modern management and professionalism. Technology development team. The company has successively passed the international quality management system ISO9001: 2015 certification and the automotive industry production parts and related service parts quality management system IATF16949: 2016 certification and other management systems.


The main process of the main body of this electronic cigarette produced by Kingteam Precision Hardware is CNC plus center. The CNC machining center is a high-efficiency automated machine tool that is composed of mechanical equipment and a CNC system and is suitable for processing complex parts. The CNC machining center is one of the most productive and widely used CNC machine tools in the world.


The material used for the main body of this electronic cigarette produced by Jingtian Precision Hardware is AL6061. 6061-T651 is the main alloy of 6061 aluminum alloy. It has excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, and high toughness. And after processing, it is not deformed, the material is compact and defect-free, easy to polish, easy to color film, and excellent oxidation effect.


The surface treatment of the main body of this electronic cigarette produced by Kingteam Precision Hardware is black anodized. Most of the industrial aluminum profiles we usually see are silver-white, which is also the true color of aluminum profiles, which is very beautiful and generous. However, black industrial aluminum profiles are used in some industrial fields. Black industrial aluminum profiles are only surfaced with black anodizing. The black anodizing process is more complicated and more difficult than silver-white oxidation, so the price is higher.


E-cigarettes are a legal industry in China, and companies are legally protected for their establishment, operation and tax payment. However, due to the lack of supervision in the past few years, some non-compliances have emerged in this industry, and the people have also regarded this new thing as a scourge. But now, the advent of supervision is about to resolve these chaos, and it will also allow China's e-cigarette industry to develop in a healthier direction. Jingtian Precision Hardware will closely cooperate with market demand and develop and produce more sophisticated e-cigarette bodies to match e-cigarette atomizers and systems.