The popularization of the wire rod turnover cart of the lean tube workbench

At present, lean management has been widely used in various industries and fields, and has especially become the basic supporting equipment of the current lean production model. With the continuous use of lean tubes in the market, they are assembled into different production equipment in the workshop. Lean pipes are mainly composite steel pipes with a plastic layer on the outside. The new lean pipe accessories can be assembled into different production methods to meet the constantly updated needs and constantly change the production structure. The lean pipe and its accessories can be continuously reused. At the end of the life cycle of a product or a process, we can use the original accessories to the greatest extent to reassemble the trial experience needs.

Next, Huilixing will give you a detailed introduction to the use of the lean management workbench:

1. The lean tube workbench makes production easier and more convenient, and the logistics more smooth.

1. The lean tube workbench is more in line with the principles of ergonomics, allowing one-stop production services from raw materials to finished products, making each link of production more scientific and compact, reducing the waste of human resources in the production process.

2. The lean tube workbench can transform any creative idea into a realistic corpse structure, which is convenient for production, overhaul, and product reassembly in various industries, which can make the factory cleaner, easier production, and smoother logistics.

3. The lean tube can be flexibly configured with cabinets, panels, lamps, and strip lights according to production needs, which can meet the needs of various workstations, and has good carrying capacity and performance.

2. The lean management workbench makes the return on investment more impressive.

1. The lean tube workbench can be assembled, can be independent, easy to adjust, and can be freely designed and assembled according to the operation requirements. The simple modification and reorganization of the lean tube workbench are completely achievable. It can continuously improve the lean production environment and lean production concepts, increase productivity, reduce production costs, and increase return on investment.

2. The lean tube workbench is easy to disassemble, flexible in combination, suitable for inspection and maintenance in various electronic industries, and can be assembled into various forms of workbenches.