The significance of the Kingteam brand story in the new era

The 5,000-year history of Chinese civilization is mainly a history of farming civilization. Farming civilization emphasizes intensive cultivation. This spirit precisely represents the craftsman spirit of the new era.


Today, Kingteam people continue to inherit the craftsmanship of thousands of years of intensive cultivation and meticulous work from their ancestors. They have devoted themselves to the field of precision manufacturing for 25 years and strive for perfection. They have further sublimated the craftsmanship spirit of the great power of China. At present, Kingteam products are widely used in industries such as automobiles, household appliances, electronic appliances, engineering machinery, industrial equipment, railway locomotives, photographic equipment, outdoor adventure, medical treatment, sanitary ware, and communications.


Forty years of reform and opening up, half of the large-span bridges built in the world each year are in China; the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge opens, the Chang'e 4 rushes to the moon, and China’s Sky Eye is completed...One by one major power projects amaze the world. This is made in China. It is more intelligently made in China. Behind this is not only the contribution of craftsmen from a certain big country, but also a group of kingteam with Chinese ingenuity and craftsmanship.


This is the Kingteam dream of Kingteam people, a kingteam with national ingenuity and craftsmanship!