Threaded sleeve of Jingtian Precision Hardware

Threaded bushing is a kind of hardware commonly used in machinery and equipment. In daily mechanical maintenance, you can always encounter thread slip and random buckles in the screw hole. The general measure you take is not to change the position and re-drill the thread. , Is to drill directly on the original screw hole, increase the hole diameter to change the diameter of the screw hole, and re-thread the thread that is larger than the original screw hole. However, sometimes due to the material, shape, installation location, and space constraints of the mechanical parts, you cannot perform the above-mentioned two methods. You will often replace or make parts again, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which is very troublesome. 



At this time, it needs to be applied to thread repair technology, which is also a relatively mature and widely used technology at the moment, and merchants have also introduced a variety of repair tools and threaded bushings accordingly. The threaded bushing is used to repair damaged threaded holes. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and forms a reliable internal thread after installation and embedding. It is a new type of internal threaded fastener product for repairing and strengthening internal threads. High tensile strength, low thread friction, good surface quality, excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance.


In addition, the use of threaded bushings also has the following advantages


1. The diameter of the threaded bushing in the free state is slightly larger than the diameter of its pre-installed screw hole. When assembling, use a special tool to make the diameter smaller due to torsion, and screw it into the screw hole. After installation, the threaded bushing It produces a function similar to spring expansion, so that it is firmly fixed in the screw hole and will not move with the movement of the screw.


2. Increase the load-bearing capacity and fatigue strength of the threaded connection. The threaded bushing makes the screw and the screw hole for the threaded bushing form an elastic connection, thus eliminating the pitch and tooth form half-angle error of the internal and external threads, and can be used in the specified length The load on the oscillating pattern is evenly distributed, thereby increasing the strength of the internal thread and damping the vibration, so the fatigue strength of the oscillating pattern connection of the parts can be improved.


3. Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and rust-resistant: The threaded bushing is made of high-strength, high-precision, and smooth-surfaced cold-rolled stainless steel wire. It is a concentric body of internal and external threads, which has high strength, wear resistance and heat resistance. , Anti-rust performance, it can be installed in the oscillating hole to protect the internal thread of the screw hole, prevent the screw hole from being damaged, extend the use of the wormhole, and improve the quality of the product.


4. Compared with ordinary standard internal threads, under the same conditions, after using threaded bushings, in order to make the best use of the yield limit, screws with smaller size and higher strength can be selected, which can save a lot of material and reduce Weight and size reduction. The pendulum pattern bushing can pin the pendulum nail in the threaded hole, and prevent the pendulum nail from loosening when subjected to shocks and impacts, and has better process performance than the usual locking device.




Threaded bushing is also one of the regular products of Shenzhen Kingteam Precision Technology Co., Ltd. The main process of this threaded bushing produced by Jingtian Precision Hardware is CNC turning/processing. CNC turning or machining is mainly for cutting the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disc parts, inner and outer conical surfaces with arbitrary cone angles, complex rotating inner and outer curved surfaces, cylindrical and conical threads, etc., and can perform grooving, drilling, and expansion. Hole, reaming and boring, etc.




The threaded bushing produced by Kingteam Precision Hardware is made of SUS303. SUS303 is austenitic free-cutting stainless, wear-resistant and burn-resistant steel. In order to improve the performance of the steel, no more than 0.60% of molybdenum can be added to the steel, so as to have ablation resistance, good machinability and resistance. Burning and corrosion resistance.




The surface treatment of this threaded bushing produced by Jingtian Precision Hardware is environmentally friendly nickel plating. Environmentally friendly nickel plating refers to the use of chemical immersion to coat the surface of the workpiece with a silver-white nickel-phosphorus alloy, which is beautiful and firm, and is suitable for the protection of various mechanical parts, standard parts, hardware decoration parts and other products. Can replace the traditional electroplating process.


Shenzhen Kingteam Precision Technology Co., Ltd. produces a variety of hardware parts for automobile engines, which have been introduced before. In fact, the complex production process of threaded bushings still needs to follow a series of standards, only for products that use threaded bushings to be tightened.