What are the materials of a single shell?

The function of the miniature lithium casing is to protect the internal materials of the lithium ion battery from damage, inhibit battery polarization, reduce thermal effects, and improve rate performance; reduce battery internal resistance, and significantly reduce the dynamic internal resistance increase in the cycle process; improve consistency Improve the battery’s cycle life; improve the adhesion between the active material and the current collector and reduce the manufacturing cost of the pole piece; protect the current collector from corrosion by the electrolyte; improve the high and low temperature performance of the lithium battery, and improve the lithium iron phosphate and titanic acid Processing performance of lithium materials. Lithium-ion batteries mainly rely on the movement of lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes to work. Generally, materials containing lithium are used as electrodes, and they are representative of modern high-performance batteries.

Type lithium battery shell is mainly stamped from the following two materials.

The first is aluminum alloy materials, which are mainly used in square lithium-ion batteries. The reason why lithium-ion batteries are packaged in aluminum shells is that they are lighter in weight and safer than steel shells. The structure of aluminum shell alloy material has significant safety performance considerations. This safety performance can be expressed by material thickness and swelling coefficient. The reason why a lithium battery of the same capacity is lighter than a steel case is that the aluminum case can be made thinner.

The second type of steel, because the physical stability and pressure resistance of steel materials are higher than that of aluminum alloys, they are mostly used in consumer electronics, such as tws headphones, watches, and computers.

The miniature lithium battery shell is a protective layer that protects the internal materials of the battery and increases the strength of the shell. Generally, the lithium battery shell has stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum plastic film, etc. Of course, the inert materials that are resistant to HF acid corrosion and do not participate in the electrode reaction only need to be in contact with the positive and negative electrodes. Any room with good insulation can be used. The material used depends on the field of use and environment of the battery, and can be customized according to user needs.


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